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Witness Kenpaul Obieke is the founder and visionary of Heaven’s Mandate Worldwide an interdenominational outreach ministry that holds conferences, revivals and seminars around the world. He is a much sought after conference speaker and has been a guest speaker in numerous national and international Christian conventions. His deep insight into God’s word and the uniqueness of his ministry appeals to diverse groups of people from all walks of life and is changing many people’s lives. His end time messages of revival and restoration have changed many lives. He is a renowned radio preacher and teaches with unique anointing. His weekly radio and television broadcast has been a blessing to many in Nigeria and the world. Witness Kenpaul is an author of highly sought after books such as MEET JESUS LIVE, SATANIC CHURCHES, 99% OF MINISTERS AND CHURCHES ON THE WAY TO HELL FIRE, TEARS IN HEAVEN, THE PADLOCK OF YOUR WEDLOCK, THE JUDGEMENT DAY, STRIVE TO ENTER, PREPARE FOR RAPTURE, BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY, THE BATTLE OF SEXUAL IMMORALITY, STOP JUST GOING TO CHURCH, TIME IS FINISHED, YOU AND YOUR PASTOR MUST HEAR THIS, among others,  with thousands of copies in national and international distribution. Many testimonies have been received confirming the change in the lives of people who have read these God- inspired books. He is truly a prophetic voice to this generation and indeed “a tool in God’s hand”. He is one of the dynamic and influential preachers to emerge from the continent of Africa in recent year. He is married to Chiagoziem and they are currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. To God be the Glory and Honour! Read More

  Witness Kenpaul Obieke
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